Johnny Depp debuts on Instagram talking about the coronavirus and Amber Heard

A few months ago, actress Jennifer Aniston made her debut in the social networks and in particular Instagramin just a few hours, harvested million followers, beating all the written records up to the date. Now, the also actor Johnny Depp has followed in her footsteps and has opened a profile on the application getting the incredible number of 1.9 million followers in just 24 hours.

The first publication that has raised the interpreter to the famous social network was a gloomy snapshot in which it appears in a sort of cave surrounded by candles, and in which he wrote the following message: “Hello everyone. Recording something for you all now… Give me a minute”you’re were his first words in the application.

just 2 hours after the protagonist of the highly acclaimed series of fiction ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ to upload a video of more of 8 minutes where he has spoken on various topics and has left a musical surprise to all their fans.

Johnny and the coronavirus

The famous actor has started the video talking about the coronavirus and that is assuming for millions of people around the world, in addition has explained that life the virus is one of the reasons why he has decided to open an account on the social network: “I think I had never thought of any particular reason to join social networks until now. Now is the time to open a dialogue, while the threat of this invisible enemy has already caused countless tragedies and damage in the lives of the people. Through love and empathy, we will help each other and we will survive,” he explained.

After this, it has continued and has told that has prepared a version of the song ‘Isolation’ from John Lennon next to his friend Jeff Beck: “Jeff Beck and I recorded it last year. The prophetic words of John Lennon are pure poetry… This song is about isolation, fear and the risks existential of our world. So we wanted to give you this song. We expect truth that in our small way, help you to pass this strange time we are living in”.

Thank you to his followers

Finally, closed the video thanking all his followers for the support you have given in recent times in the controversy with his ex-wife Amber Heard. Since his divorce in 2016 are involved in a judicial conflict in which the actress accused her ex of being attacked, becoming one of the divorce more contentious, the history of Hollywood.

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