Johnny Depp made his debut on Instagram with your latest project

Johnny Depp has fallen. American actor, considered one of the biggest stars of Hollywood from the decade of the 90’s, he has performed in the past few hours with its first official account of Instagram, social network in which, from night to morning (almost literally), has achieved more than 2.2 million followers.

The interpreter, who until now had remained totally alien to the world of ‘followers’ and ‘likes’, not only has joined to said platform with an own profile, but that has also been done with the record that he had achieved some weeks ago the very Jennifer Aniston, which on your arrival to Instagram I got 1.7 million fans in a day.

As the first publication of this leap into the digital age, Depp, the protagonist of the film Pirates of the Caribbean, has decided to publish a picture of her in a room full of candles in your home to announce to their fans their first draft of the quarantine, originated with the aim of encouraging everyone in their homes in this difficult time for the coronavirus.

“Hello to all… recording something for you now… give me a moment”, has anticipated the actor with that first instant, followed by a video in which the interpreter has wanted to make a brief reflection on the confinement and the disease which has locked a large part of humanity in these moments.

“I think I had never thought of any particular reason to join social networks until now. Now is the time to open a dialogue, while the threat of this invisible enemy has already caused countless tragedies and damage in the lives of the people. Through love and empathy, we will help each other and we will survive”, has admitted Johnny Depp in his message, that has preceded a third and last post of this first day on the social networks

As has been shown with a videothat new project that the actor has wanted to encourage their fans in the quarantine, you have to see an artistic side of yours that not everyone in the world knows: music. Of the hand of the popular british guitarist Jeff Beckthe interpreter has shared with his followers the version that both have made the issue of Johnn Lennon that comes as ring to the finger in the current situation, Isolation (‘Isolation’).

“Jeff Beck and I recorded it last year. The prophetic words of John Lennon are pure poetry… This song is about isolation, fear and the risks existential of our world. So we wanted to give you this song. We expect truth that in our small way, help you to pass this strange time we are living in,” he told the actor, that took the leap from film sets to the stage with the band Hollywood Vampires (Vampires of Hollywood), formed in 2015 next to the rockers Alice Cooper and Joe Perry.

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