Judi Dench added the dance to his extensive list of skills

LOS ANGELES (united States).- Actress, artist, Oscar winner and what a star dance? Judi Dench added another dimension of talent to her resume, when put to the test their dancing skills in a video of TikTok. But what is most tender is that it was next to his grandson Sam Williams.

The video has Sam inside of what appears to be his room, with Judi appearing in the right corner of the screen. “Baby come Back” is heard at the beginning of the clip, before things take a turn of 180 degrees. The duo of grandmother / grandson danced in perfect synchrony with a very different version of the song.

Fans praised Judi about his movements. “She is a legend, total, right?” tweeted one person, while another wrote something like, ” Ok, but Judi Dench dancing TikTok with your grandson could be the most cute”. Others took note of how happy Sam seemed to be at all times. “The delight in his face is everything.”

Dancing has become one of the biggest pastimes of millions of people during the self-isolation. Celebrities like the star of Shakespeare in Love have been posting many videos from their homes, along with their loved ones, as a way of making them laugh to their fans or to stay optimistic in a difficult time.

The star of Real Housewives of Atlanta NeNe Leakes, the legend of the NBA LeBron Jamesand Kevin Hart, among others, have been looking several moves for the enjoyment of their fans. Kevin and his wife, Eniko, for example, have recreated the iconic music video of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.

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