Kanye West has changed her life after the death of Kobe Bryant


Kanye West, Kobe Bryant

The NBA star tragically passed away in January, and that has changed the way Kanye “see life”.

The death of Kobe Bryant changed the way in which Kanye West “see the life”.

The NBA star was tragically killed in January when he and eight others, including her daughter Gianna of 13 years, were killed during a helicopter accident.

And Kanye, who called the legend of the sport as one of their “best friends”, has now said that he thinks Kobe every time he passes by the area of Calabasas, California, where the accident occurred.

He said: “So now there is no way that I am not as determined as Kobe, every time I drive by that street. It is time for the game. There is No movement that we can’t do, or hope to do so.”

“The way that Kobe would say that we all have to join together and win this championship is the way that I see life now. For an infinite, another level.”

Kanye, of 42 years, says that the death of Kobe has been a “game-changer” for him, and insists that he does not “take no mess by response”.

In statements to the magazine GQ, for which she was interviewed a few days after the death of Kobe in January, said: “This is a game-changer for me. He was the version of basketball for me, and I was the version of rap to him, and that is facts!”

At the time of the death of Kobe, the wife of Kanye, Kim Kardashian West, turned to social media to pay their respects to the basketball star and to his daughter, as he also sent his love to the wife of Kobe, Vanessa, and their three other daughters, Natalia, 17 years old, Bianka, three, and Capri, nine months.

She wrote: “My heart is so heavy. No one should have to experience what you are going through the families involved. This has affected us all, but I can’t begin to imagine what Vanessa felt when she lost her husband and her baby. I cry just I think about it. I’m praying for the Bryant family, the family Altobelli and the families of all who perished in this tragedy unthinkable.”