Kendall Jenner mosque to their fans with this image. “Who makes the photo?”


Kendall Jenner the has become rolling on your social networks. And that is if only a few weeks ago caused a flurry of criticism of the appear sitting in one of their cars with the text “I had to put it in gear”, has now returned to raise the reaction of your fans with a photography walking their dog.

The model, which has more than 130 million of followers in your profile Instagram, he shared a picture walking their dog doberman down the street in full quarantine for the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19. The image already has over 4 million likes and hundreds of comments, some questioning who did the snapshot.

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One of their latest videos in a storie of Instagram has raised the quick reaction of his millions. The american model, the best paid in 2017, thereby dislodging Gisele Bundchen, appeared sitting in a classic car along with a text: “I Had to put it in motion.”

The storie it became viral in a matter of hours and the comments, both positive and negative, began to come quickly. Many criticized Kendall Jenner considered it an irresponsible and inciting to disorder in time of quarantine in the middle of a crisis by the coronavirus.

Kendall Jenner poses for a photograph.
Kendall Jenner poses for a photograph.

Such impact began to acquire its video, that the same model, he decided to give his version via his Twitter account. Kendall Jenner left it pretty clear that yes respects the quarantine, and who remains confined in her home.