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Kim Kardashian is usually very active on their social networks, especially in Instagram. The celebrity shares your day-to-day and their beauty products from the comfort of his mansion in Gourds, California, where it is going quarantine with their four minor children.

In some live broadcasts it has been seen how the eldest daughter of the entrepreneur and the rapper Kanye West appears intempestivamente to interrupt his mother. Even, it was distinguished how Kim was on the verge of losing patience, because the girl does not let me to do a tutorial of makeup.

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North West is demanding more attention from Kim Kardashian.

After this little incident, Kim Kardashian and North West returned to star in another meeting a little tense.

It turns out that the sister of Kylie Jenner was in a live video feed of Instagram to talk about the importance of social distancing and staying at home.

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“Hello to everyone in California. I am Kim Kardashian West and so I just wanted to talk with you…”. Suddenly, a voice from the side interrupted the speech to add: “And North West”.

“I just be outside,” said the little girl, 6 years old. Immediately the celebrity clarified the words of his daughter: “you have Only gone out to the garden and there is nothing wrong with that.”

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At another point in the video, while Kim Kardashian, who some days ago was in the eye of the storm for the fight which he starred with Kourtney Kardashian, spoke of how important it is to keep in contact with loved ones to make sure that they are alright. North interrupted again and sparked controversy with the comment: “Therefore you should take care more of your children and not your friends”.

A few seconds later, the model 39-year-old terminated the live transmission.