Kylie Jenner shows as it goes the distance, is trapped in his mansion


The famous businesswoman and socialite, Kylie Jenner, showed through to see their stories of Instagram how is it that you are passing the confinement, as she is also trapped in his home, even though it is not a common home and current, you’ll be able to imagine how is the house of an entrepreneur as successful.

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The young celebrity would like to go out once and for all from your home, however, you need to do to take care of themselves and avoid the infection, something for her and for all is a priority, health is first because without it you can’t enjoy anything else, not Kylie of their millions.

In the photograph, which climbed to its official account of Instagram, we can see that it is “suffering,” while sun to the edge of your private pool, something that many wish they could do, since that is the minimum amount of people that enjoy these privileges.

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In the photograph the model takes advantage of it to show off your long and slim legs, with which it has conquered millions and of course to the social networks where she and her sisters are some stars, almost like the Hollywood but in social networks.

Also, took the opportunity to presumirnos one of their purchases made via the internet, as the young misses the big shopping centres where I used to get their accessories and some makeup in spite of it having its own brand.

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In the elegant box red that he received Kylie, we assumed their new concealer, shadows, eyelashes, a makeup base and an applicator, because the young, remains a big fan of beauty products, in addition to that it allows you to experiment and perhaps include something similar to your line.

It is worth mentioning that, recently, Kylie was involved in some controversy, the first related to his mother, thanks to which the young entrepreneur was submitted to an eye operation and needed special care, so that mom does not hesitate to go to their aid.

Kylie is very demanding with his mother and his little tastes quite exotic; in a video you can watch as you made a request and when mom returned with it, simply the young woman no longer wanted him, so that many users are calificandola treat your mother as a slave.