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Considered as one of the greatest artists of Latin America and with a life full of luxuries, Luis Miguel meets tomorrow 50 years, which will be held in solo in his yacht, due to sanitary measures by the COVID-19.

Anchored in the embarcadero Bayside in Miami, the singer passes the quarantine isolated, without friends, nor women. It is known that his girlfriend, model and singer Mollie Gould, is in Los Angeles.

Before the start of their confinement, the singer was seen accompanied by his brother Alejandro Basteri. Despite the luxuries and comforts that normally surround it, now only come close to the vessel, its workers, to bring the food and drinks you need.

Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri, son of Louis King and Marcela Basteri, born April 19, 1970 in Puerto Rico. The hospital San Jorge, in San Juan, was the place where he heard the voice of Luis Miguel for the first time, to cry after coming to this world. In the room 315 of the hospital centre, where he was admitted his mother, currently there is a plaque that gives proof of the artist’s birth.

However, Louis the King, who sought to establish itself as an artist, hid the place of birth of your child by agreeing to his interests, and he returned to Mexico saying that he was the father of a child who had been born in Veracruz.

The Sun subsequently became a naturalized mexican in 1991 the government of Carlos Salinas de Gortari, who gave him his letter on an image that circulated in the media.

Luis Rey was recorded with the name of Luis Miguel in honor of Spanish bullfighter Luis Miguel Dominguín (father of Miguel Bosé) because he said that his son would also be large and the number 1.

To the couple that was looking to grow as a singer and with a vision that is innate, his father discovered that his son had conditions to sing and began to prepare him, prohibited him from playing for to try. It is asserted of an infinite number of contacts and trickery to incursionara in the artistic medium.

Luis Miguel made his first appearance on television alongside Andrew Garcia. The first performance in public was at the wedding of Paulina Lopez Portillo in 1980 (daughter of the president at the time José López Portillo) in what is considered his debut.

That opportunity took Luis Rey for that Luismi could record their first album. The topic One plus one equals two in lovelaunched in November 1981, became a success and in the take-off of the prolific career of Luis Miguel.

Since that time he has recorded 29 albums, in addition to collected, becoming a figure of the music.

Is an artist versatile, which has recorded pop, ballads, boleros, tango, mariachi and big band, with which managed to sell more than 100 million albums in his career.

Has received more than 120 awards, being the youngest artist to achieve a Grammy. At the age of 14 won the gramophone for the topic I like the way you are, who did a duet with Sheena Easton.

His albums have achieved sales that have broken records, for example, your disk Romance, which he himself produced in combination with Armando Manzanero, was able to sell seven million copies.

Their productions were also placed in the first places of popularity. Accomplicesthat recorded in 2008, was the first album in Spanish to be placed in the first 10 places of the list Billboard Top 200. This position he repeated in 2017 Mexico forever.

The quality of her voice is unquestionable, to the extent that it has been shown in the songs written by Honorio Herrero, Luis Gomez Escolar Juan Carlos Calderon, Armando Manzanero and Manuel Alejandro, among others.

In a matter of personal presentation is also a synonym of success. Just remember that with the tour made in 2010 visited 22 countries and made 223 concerts.

In Mexico, it has the record of having made 35 consecutive shows at the Auditorio Nacional. It has been featured 259 times in the grounds of the Paseo de la Reforma. To date, to fill all the places where it occurs.

In a matter of festivals has been in Viña del Mar, San Remo, and in Acapulco. In all of them, by taking away the maximum awards.

His voice has also appeared in productions of Disney: on the tape Speechless with the theme I don’t know you, and in 1995, to record the theme Dreamsfor the film The hunchback of Notre Dame.

In his private life, there are two moments that have marked Luis Miguel. The mysterious disappearance of his mother, Marcela Basteri in 1986 and the death of his father, from whom he was estranged, in 1992.

The sun has had problems with strong addictions that caused an economic meltdown and in his career, which he revived, thanks Luis Miguel, the series.

Has had women who have been important in his life: Stephanie Salas (with whom she had Michelle), Mariana Yázbek, Isabela Camil, Daisy Fuentes, Mariah Carey, Myrka de Llanos and Aracely Arámbula (with whom was Michael, and Daniel).

Always mobbed, but with a lonely life, just as tomorrow will come up to his five decades of life.

To know

  • In November 1995, on a flight from Mexico City to Guadalajara, failed the landing gear so the plane came in to land almost belly, with no loss fatal. Hours later, on his show in the Stadium march 3, he said that he had been born again.

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