Made terrifying rite with a goat stop on two legs


Through the social networks has been a scary viral video, which shows a goat to stop, perfectly still, and on two legs.

The viral videos of the supernatural things always attract the attention of all of us and more when the images are so clear, as the viral video-sharing platform YouTube where you can watch a scary goat stop on two legs and completely immobile.

The audiovisual material was shared in the channel BRiaNMaZaPaN YouTube, in the horrific viral video, we can see a goat standing in a place completely dark and desolate, in the clip you can listen to a person who apparently performed a ritual or something like that.

As expected, the viral video became a trend in a matter of hours; however, in the comments many netizens were skeptical, some even commented that the video was fake and edited. On the other hand, several comments stated that it was witchcraft or something like that.

The viral video is originally from YouTube, has more than 86 thousand views and over 400 comments, and such was the popularity of the video in these last days who migrated to other social networks such as: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Without a doubt one of the videos more terrifying that have appeared recently.

The true origin of the viral video

Due to the amount of controversy generated by the publication, we gave the task of investigating. Exploring the social networks we discover that in reality it is the work of a taxidermist (which is dedicated to the dissection of animals), even the goat is part of an exhibition.

This is Adele Morse who is well known for its countless works of art with stuffed animals, it is known that she is the person that recorded the goat, however, the video was edited and uploaded to social networking sites to cause controversy and terror among internet users