Man of Steel: Michael Shannon reveals their favorite scenes


Michael Shannon reveals what scenes of Zack Snyder Man of Steel were his favorite to shoot and what you disliked so much. Released in 2013, Man of Steel presented to the public version of Henry Cavill’s Superman. The origin story of the superheroes was met with a response divided because of his tone somber and his subject violent. Even so, it was praised for its show of big budget and their action sequences amazing.

Man of Steel also won great acclaim for his performance. In addition to the innovative performance of Henry Cavill as the legendary “strange visitor from another planet”, the interpretation of Michael Shannon’s general Zod was also praised, even from the representation above of Terrence Stamp’s militaristic kryptonian in the films of Richard Donner from the 1970s.

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In an interview with . to promote his latest project, The Quarry, Shannon talked about his turn as one of the enemies more deadly than Superman, and how an epic sci-fi big budget compared to a film such as The Quarry, a dialog combustion slow. oriented, modern, western. Citing his background in theatrical as the root of their interests, Shannon stated that the dialogue scenes between Zod and Superman were his favorite to film, while the action scenes, the CGI is top flight were less fun to create. While fighting general Zod with Superman in Smallville and Metropolis were certainly exciting for the spectators, the reason why the version of Zod in the Man of Steel continues to attract audiences is by his relationship with Superman. That relationship is what attracted Shannon to the role. Told .:

“My favorite part of Man of Steel was the story, the characters and the situation. In the midst of all the fighting and others, when Zod is being very frank with Superman, you know, saying,” that’s why I’m doing What I’m doing is my job. This is what I’ve been through, “you know what? Those moments that are connected to each other, those are the moments that interest me”.

In terms of the fight scenes real, with your work load of stunts and the use of images, CGI, Shannon was less interested in creating these scenes in particular:

“I don’t really enjoy horse riding or shooting guns or acting as if you were fighting with someone. But I like to do scenes where I can say interesting dialogue-or hear someone else talk … When we were making Man of Steel, there were some fun games, but in many days, only going to the study of green screen. That does not make you the beating of the heart exactly. It is really a technical job “.

It is hard work, and Shannon is the type of actor that prefers the simple pleasures of telling a story through dialogue and action. Although he admits to enjoying some of the fight scenes in Man of Steel:

“I mean, the fight is cool as hell, don’t get me wrong! … There were also some sets are really cool. Like that scene in that we have the great clash in his native town, and exploded the gas station and all that, it was great. “

From Man of Steel, Shannon has avoided most of the blockbusters big-budget CGI, in its place, choose to stay with the most number of laps driven by characters in movies like The Shape of Water and Knives Out. Does not seem willing to return to the realm of action of superheroes, but with the correct script and a character rich and nuanced as Zod, it’s hard to imagine that I would not be willing to give it another chance.

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