Marvel hid a heartbreaking detail about Iron Man and Pepper Potts in Avengers: Endgame


The end of Avengers: Endgame leaving us with one of the scenes most emotional of the whole Movie Universe Marvel. The tragic sacrifice of Iron Man meant the loss of the hero that initiated the entire series of movies Marvel Studiosin addition one of the most beloved characters of the entire franchise.

We already know that Endgame hides many more secrets than we could appreciate at a glance, it is a film that will never cease to amaze us and whose success has not been overlooked in the history of cinema. For this reason, the fans are always investigating each scene of the tape to find new referencesas the that brings us to today, the user of Twitter Emily, fan of Iron Man.

According to us, in Avengers: Endgame overlooked a heartbreaking moment in which we discover that Pepper Potts it has to deal with the mail daily from fans Tony Starkeven after his death.

The publication shows us the exact moment that we saw this situation, with images of the character of Gwyneth Paltrowwho is excited to see the cards of the fans of Iron Man.

“Someone I have just remembered that, after Tony died, Pepper had to keep dealing with the letters from the fans of Iron Man, and now I’m sad,” said Emily on Twitter.

Many probably already noticed this detail, but what is certain is that, in the climax emotional highlight of the film, it is difficult to appreciate this kind of gestures. Iron Man she has been featured in another important moment these days, as we have recently remembered also the double of Robert Downey Jr. the CGI used in Iron Man 3.