Miley Cyrus spoke about the policies for the Covid-19 with a senator


There are many celebrities that perform various activities in this confinement mandatory. But in the case of the pop star, Miley Cyrusis located in the middle of a large project. Through a new program transmitted by your account officer Instagramthe young star chats with important figures in the middle of the Covid-19.

The day of yesterday, published a new chapter of his series “Bright Minded“. Where he talked about politics, with the former democratic presidential candidate, senator Elizabeth Warrenwhom he identified as one of its “personal heroes“. Despite the fact that the conversation began talking of pets, it only took a few minutes to touch on the important point.

Everything a political issue

By focusing on the problems posed by the pandemic coronavirusthat has killed thousands of people all over the world and has paralyzed the economy. The senator said that it was a great work: “Not only want to evaluate people who are already ill. You must evaluate people who clearly show symptoms, and you want to treat people who appear healthy, so you can track them down “.

Warren, went on to detail the policies of aid for small businesses and promoted the “Declaration of the Rights of Essential Workers” that have recently been proposed, with the Representative Ro Khanna from California. To continue with his interview, the senator clarified that “The assistance package COVID-19 of $ 2 billion from the federal government, is a start, but far more must be done”.

The singer of “Wrecking Ball” he asked for it and for its 106 million followers, what were the recommendations of the senator, to this he replied: “I Ask that the people be considered, especially with the workers of sharing, the bus drivers, the cashiers, and other workers essential.”

Very sure of his words and calling to the consciousness said: “There are a lot of people who quietly do a lot of hard work, while the rest of us took refuge in the house”. “Be considerate, and remember, these packets do not arrive in your door by your account,” said Warren.