Mrs. America, the atrocious series that presents the struggle of women in the 70’s


The new mini-series of television drama american “Mrs. America“tells the story of the intellectuals who led the Second-Wave feminist, which is available in the famous platform Hulu.

Mrs. America dramatizes the fight for the Amendment by the Equality of Rights between men and women in the country of united States that it was thanks to an opponent in front of a group of supporters.

The miniseries was created for a woman, Dahvi Waller, and was mainly written and directed by women.

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The incredible cast account with the participation of the australian actress Cate Blanchett and the american actress Margo Martindale.

Tells the story of how the constitutional amendment was blocked at the same time in the united States around 1970, when a wife needed her husband to be able to get a credit.

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The amazing story is set in the women of color who fought for their civil rights to make a “second wave” of feminism of the 60’s and 70’swho were successors of the movement of the suffragettes to address the challenges they faced alone.

Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan are some of the luminaries of the movement within the series, and next to them are women, african-americans as the policy Shirley Chisholm and the activist Florynce “Flo” Kennedy.

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There are many Shirleys in the world of which we have never heard, that is why it is so exciting to see a project like this that not only tells the story of Shirley but several of these women whose names might be said that the majority of people don’t know,” said Aduba.

It is worth mentioning that Chisholm it was the first congressman, african-american, the first candidate of color from a large party in seeking the presidency and the first woman democrat to run for office.

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The first three episodes the miniseries premiered on the day Wednesday April 15, in the platform Hulu.

The next six will be week after week until the 27th of may, with a cast that includes Sarah Paulson, Elizabeth Banks, John Slattery, James Marsden, and Jeanne Tripplehorn, among others.

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Mrs. America” it highlights to most not being able to women that have not been sufficiently recognized.