‘Mugshot Challenge’, the challenge viral driven by a James Charles that no one should do


There are many challenges and challenges that abound these days on social networks. The confinement has fired the imagination of many users that recreate the choreography, viral, jokes… it Dulceida triumphed with his pictures of ‘diva home’ and many fans are dressed up with their own cushions!

However, the make-up artist James Charles -very well known in the US for his collaborations with celebrities and artists – launched a few days, a challenge that does not please many of his followers. The young he painted in his face wounds and bruises to then be photographed and simulate picture of his mugshot (mugshot in English).

There were those who saw no controversy in the matter and joined the challenge with their own makeup, but a crowd put the cry in heaven when you consider this recreation a mockery the victims of gender-based violence.

The amount of messages against the make-up artist was forced to James Charles to delete the pictures, but the the absence of apologies in its Twitter message has not satisfied those who believe that violence should not indulge in challenges viral.

“Despite the fact that hundreds of ‘influencers’ and artists have done something similar, I deleted the photo police because it was never my intention to provoke anyone, I deleted the tendency of the mug because it has never been my intention to trigger such feelings in anyone, and is a waste of time to try to have an open debate with people who hate me despite what you do”.