Oaxaca punished with 6 years of jail, attacks against medical personnel


The local Congress of Oaxaca approved a reform to punish with up to 6 years of prison to anyone who commits a crime against doctors or nurses.

This then that in the past few weeks we have registered several attacks of physical and verbal against medical personnel working in hospitals that cater to patients with COVID-19.

With 31 votes in favor, the deputies approved the reform that adds to the article 187 Bis to penalize “higher energy” behaviors committed against any public servant of the State Health-care System, during the duration of the health emergency.

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The reform is to increase the penalty from 3 to 6 years, in addition to appropriate for the crime committed.

Also reform article 412 Bis by establishing an increase in the prison sentence, up to 450 days of community work or 400 days of fine, to anyone who commits any conduct against physicians, surgeons, nursing staff, and other similar professional and auxiliary, private or public sector, during the health emergency.

The reforms were approved in the ordinary session of this Wednesday.

The deputies noted that in Oaxaca, doctors and nurses have been victims of discrimination and physical attacks or verbal.

According to the legislators, this is due to the fear and ignorance of some people that believe carriers COVID-19, in addition to consider them a threat of contagion.

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They argued that the reform was approved to be a matter relating to the protection of Human Rights.

They pointed out that before the fear of possible aggression, the health workers are forced to take extreme precautions when they go out to the street or returning to their homes.

In the last few weeks, both in Oaxaca and in other states, have doubled the reports of attacks on doctors and nursing staff.

In some cases, people have been sprayed with chlorine to the personal health or even prevented them from entry to their homes by regarding them as a danger to the community.

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