Oh I can’t believe it! Rosalie breaks the quarantine and goes to Japan No one was expecting it!


In recent years, Rosalia it has become one of the most influential figures of the reggaeton, adding to the style a touch of your identity as Spanish.

Every time the young he pulls out a new song cause a real stir among its fans that every day there are more and more.

The Spanish is going to their days of quarantine in your home and in solitude, so that your activity on social networks has grown a lot.

To the boredom, the artist decided to take a trip to Japan, leaving perplexed his followers that did not come out of his astonishment.

Of course he did it in a virtual way and without leaving your home, choosing funds that are characteristic of anime and the japanese manga.

The videos generated a furor among all the users who did not stop to comment on the publication, filling it with witty commentary.

In this way, Rosalia again give evidence of its popularity in the network, which is in line with the that has in the streets.