Princess Swedish Sofia becomes a nurse to combat coronavirus


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At the time, the marriage of the prince Carlos Felipe, child of king carl XVI and Silvia of Sweden, with Sofia Hellqvist generated great controversy in the royal house; however, now princess Swedish, who worked as a model, waitress and stripper, has earned the affection of the citizens for their humanitarian actions, and demonstrate their support in the midst of the health crisis by covid-19.

Starting Thursday, the princess Sofia Hellqvist he began his work as a nurse in the hospital Sophiahemmet in Stockholm, which also is the honorary chairperson. To be able to help in the hospitals, had complete an intensive course for three days, a moment which was documented by the royal house Swedish.

Since her wedding with prince Charles Philip, the royal house Swedish decided to change the image of Sofia Hellqvist, who participated in competitions of television as Hotel Paradise, a reality show similar to Big Brother. Five years after the marriage ceremony, the princess has a great popularity for his role in solidarity.

In the photos shared on social networks by the royal house of sweden is seen the princess with her nurse’s uniform, accompanied by several workers in the health sector of their country. In addition, the publication contains information on the tasks that will be performed Sofia Hellqvist during her role as a nurse during the contingency by the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

Sofia Hellqvist it will help the department of health care of the hospital in the simple tasks of cleaning. In addition, it was announced that the intensive training was conducted by the personal licence of the airline SAS, in agreement with the publication on Instagram the official account of the royal house Swedish.