Recommended CDMX avoid funerals and autopsies on deceased persons by COVID-19

The Government of the City of Mexico recommended do not make wakes or necropsys to people who died from COVID-19.

Neither will be transfers of bodies in the area conurbated of the Valley of Mexico or abroad for these cases.

“We are facing a virus that remains in the body even after death,” he said in conference the secretary of Government of Mexico City, Rosa Icela Rodríguez.

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This, he said, obliged to take special measures in cases in which the death certificate indicated that the cause was COVID-19 and take extreme care when handling the bodies.

The bodies should be delivered in special bags to funeral services and must remain closed and sealed, he detailed the officer to submit the protocol for the handling of deaths in CDMX.

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The Government of the capital established three scenarios for cases of death by COVID-19: if the person dies at home, if he dies in the hospital, and another if the death occurs in the public right of way.

Home: A family member or acquaintance must give notice to the police, Locatel or 911 and the Secretariat of Health is responsible of the death certificate and will assist the place to do a sanitization process and an epidemiological follow-up.

In a hospital: The doctors will give the certificate, whether a medical center, public or private, then they will contact a family member to make the arrangements and finally inhuma the body.

In the public road: Raise the body and perform a search of a family, is inhumará the body and will carry out the corresponding documentations and sanitation in the place.

Once it is determined if the death was because of COVID-19, the body will be buried, in case of registering violence, will start a criminal process in which they must be referred to the public Prosecutor’s office in coordination with the Institute of Forensic Sciences.

If you do not know your identity or not there is a family that claims be notified to the Commission on the Search for the applicable protocols.

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Another of the measures is to open mass graves for the people who are not recognized or claimed, and will take place in a designated place in the various pantheons of the capital.

Are available ovens of the crematoria in six municipalities, of pits for burials in the cemeteries of the city and transferred to be agreed with the funeral companies”, explained the legal counsel, Nestor Vargas

He explained that the services funeral will be free for people who do not have the sufficient economic resources.

Nestor Vargas commented that in order to obtain this service you should only contact the police or call the Locatel for informal the situation and the funeral will take charge of the procedure of burial at no cost.

During the health emergency, the people that die due to other circumstancesmay only be accompanied on a visitation by 20 people as a maximum and during a period of approximately four hours.

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