Rosalie reveals the details of his new song with Travis Scott


In addition, it ensures that you already have almost completed the collaboration with Billie Eilish.

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Rosalia has become one of the divas of pop of the moment. The singer With Height not only has conquered the latino public, and also to the anglo-saxon. Does the test? The artist took home the award for Best Album Rock, Urban or Alternative Latino in the last Grammy. But not only that! The artist has a long list of admirers in the industry: from Halle Berry to Kylie Jenner, going by Christina Aguilera.

Right now, Rosalie is going on quarantine at the home of their representative in Miami. The Catalan was in the united States to work when he was caught in the crisis. But rather than get overwhelmed, the young man has taken advantage to work on your music. In fact, these days has launched Hurt me, a beautiful ballad that has us hooked from the first moment. But this topic was not that which had planned to launch these days. Rosalia confessed that it was going to launch a theme much more moved next to an american artist. Although in his time has not revealed the name of the singer, but now that he has done for the medium Variety.

It is, nothing more and nothing less than his friend Travis Scott: “It was supposed to release a song with him last month to the clubs, with a sound that is super powerful, in that I have been working for a long time. Has a very strong energy for a certain time and I did not feel that it is the time to release it. I didn’t feel that was connected with what was going on with the world right now”.

In this way, the interpreter The Evil Want To has revealed the identity of the person with whom they have collaboration. It would not be the first time that the artists share music track. The past 2019, Rosalia was in the rémix of Highest-in-the-room of his last album.

But it is not the only collaboration that has spoken to Rosalia in this interview. The artist has also ensured that its long-awaited theme with Billie Eilish is almost finished. And it seems that these days, he has worked at it.

“During these two weeks, I have worked in collaboration with Billie Eilish”, begins with the artist. “I think that is almost finished. Yesterday I ended up with the arrangements. I feel that the production and the sound are already. Lack that Billie send me your voice and the ideas you have for the topic, because it is already almost” he assured the artist.

It seems that soon we will be able to listen to the entire output of the long awaited single from Rosalia and Billie Eilish.

Source: The Daily Truth