Salma Hayek wants a daughter with multiple talents, embrace their skills


2020-04-18 07:30:04

The Hollywood star, Salma Hayek hopes her daughter of multiple talents, embrace your many skills, instead of “end up doing nothing of them.”

Salma Hayek hopes her daughter of multiple talents, embrace your many skills.

The actress, 53 years old, talked about her little girl Valentina, of 12 years, who has with her husband François-Henri Pinault, and insisted that although I could be a lawyer, filmmaker or musician, not the press. in a career in law.

She told the magazine Total Film: “No, how do you protect the soul of someone when you become a lawyer?

“My fear is that when someone has too many talents, they end up doing nothing! She can also paint!

“When it’s so easy, they are not used to push and push and push. That is what concerns me.”

The star of ‘Frida’ revealed that his daughter already has talent to work behind the camera, and the world is your oyster when it comes to choosing a career.

She said: “it can Definitely be a director. Or a lawyer. But now he is 12 years old. It’s all about her now!

“I can tell you this: she can act, you can direct, you can write absolutely. Are very impressed with your school.

“I produce and I said, ‘Oh my writers could write as well! I wish I could exploit it and make me write this script!’ ”

Valentina could also have a future on the stage, as it has shown promise as a musician.

Salma added: “It’s amazing as a writer, but a musician really talented. I don’t know what’s going to happen.

“She taught herself, in two months, to play the piano, the guitar and the ukulele, and is now playing electric guitar and a little trumpet. It is a madness”.

When it comes to the upbringing of the children, the proud mother revealed previously that it does everything possible to give the young man a “space”.

She explained: “I always felt we had good maternal instincts.

“Valentina, I have to be careful not to be too attentive and give you a bit of time alone because I always feel that it is necessary to be with her.”

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