Samuel L. Jackson confesses who is your avenger a favorite


When Nick Fury speech, touch shut up and listen. Without a doubt, Samuel L. Jackson it is one of the great icons of the Movie Universe of Marvel. The actor is a phenomenon, which leads demonstrating with decades of great movies. Therefore, the round of questions with The Hollywood Reporter has been so interesting.

At a given moment, the great question was put on the table: “What is your Avenger favorite?” Options give you a way to type in charge of gathering the group of superheroes and a man who has been allowed to see up to nine different tapes of Marvel. Your selection? Well, after joking around about him, is sinceraba to recognize that Black Widow is the character you enjoy the most in between all the Avengers.

Indeed, the Natasha Romanoff of Scarlett Johansson it is the great weakness of Samuel L. Jackson. We could not have chosen better.