Selena Gomez admits that fame is ‘out of control’


Selena Gomez started the year full of projects, among them the launch of his album and his own line of makeup that is inclusive, both entitled Rare.

Shortly after the launch of a special edition of its record material and is dedicated to the promotion in social networks, the singer did a photo shoot and interview for the magazine Interview, in which he revealed details of his private life.

In the talk, the 27-year-old spoke of how to deal with the famethe problems that caused him throughout his career, and his youth, as well as his inability to control it.

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Among them depression, anxiety, disease lupus, eating disorders, of bipolarity and their personal conflicts, and loving.

“It got out of control and I was super young,” he said. “I think I showed that I was weak at certain times and had no issues”.

The celebrity of The Wizards of Waverly Place he admitted that, despite the fact that I wanted to succeed in the industry acting and music, his goal was never to be the center of attention of the media, or to be behind “people who begin to build people, and then try to knock down”.

“My intention was never to become a tabloid. Then, when things happened that way, it got out of control. And then I said ‘Wait, none of that is true’,” he revealed.

While sinceraba with Amy Schumer, Selena pointed out that the media often spoke of it, and judged from their decisions, romantic relationships, and work within the industry, as well as your life in general.

“I had to begin to open up because the people I was removing my narrative and was killing me. I am very young and I’m going to keep changing, and no one has the right to tell me how it goes my life,” he stressed, before highlighting the positive side of the fame that has been sheltered from an early age.

“What keeps me afloat is knowing that talking about such things as the depression and anxiety is something beneficial to all, because I believe in the importance of asking professional help. Apart from that, I try to stay to the margin of what is being said or was said of me, is not that you are obsessed with it and not allow me to live my own life,” he said.

Within the talk, Gomez revealed details of the creation process Lose You To Love Me, a song that marked the end of any relationship with Justin Bieber and he began his reinvention as a person and artist.

“I wrote it early last year and had just come out of the treatment. It was a moment that I returned and I thought ‘I’m ready to go into the studio with people I trust and start working on songs’. There was an air around where the people were happy because it was as if finally out to be me.”

And added, “When I wrote the song basically was saying that I had to hit bottom to realize that there was a large veil over my face.”

This interview comes after revealing to Miley Cyrus who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

“I recently went to one of the best hospitals for mental health… McClean, I talked it over after going through different things over the years. Then I knew I was bipolar,” said Selena in the program of Cyrus, Bright Minded.


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