Selena Gomez is facing a test as a fan of “Friends”


LOS ANGELES (united States).- Selena Gomez loves Friends, and is a friend of the real-life Jennifer Anistonwho played Rachel Green in the iconic comedy series from NBC. The 27-year-old sat down with the magazine Interview to take a questionnaire Friendsand surprisingly failed.

While still balancing the four braids long that he wore on the cover of the magazine, Selena successfully got the name of the neighbor who leaves everything to Monica and Rachel when he dies, that was Mr. Heckles. He also understood well, “Yemen”, as the answer to where Chandler tells Janice that has been relocated to be able to avoid it.

The singer nearly forgets the name of the beloved penguin plush Joey. He grimaced and bowed his head down, as if he was desperately trying to remember before asking: “what Is Hugsy?” which was correct. Sel was also able to name a “11” as the number of categories of towels that has Monica.

Happened to question number eight, where it was stunned by naming which of the sisters Joey was with Chandler. To be fair, all of their names began with “Mary”, so that was difficult. “This is very embarrassing!” Selena exclaimed, without obtaining “Mary Angela”.

The singer of “Hands To Myself” is wrong in her next question, and it’s one that said he had been puzzled before in another test of Friends. Asked him, “Joey is caught taking a shower in the locker room of the Hollywood star. She replied: “sorry, I don’t know” and his failure to appoint Charleton Heston put it on 11/29 incorrect answers.