Serena adds to the challenge of Federer with the racquet that gave him


Serena Williams has been the last great figure in the tennis join the Tennis Challenge that initiated Roger Federer and that has already caused furor in half the world with the participation of other rackets as Novak Djokovic and other athletes and celebrities plus thousands of fans all over the world.

Serena, winner of 23 Grand Slam titles, posted a video to your account Instagram in which he appears making the challenge, and justifies the reasons for the time it took to do so. “Four days after… could Not do this challenge without the racket that gave me Roger Federer”, he explained the tennis player. And is that Serena completed the challenge with the racket gave it to Roger Federer last year in the Hopman Cupin a match that went to the story by the photo that gathered the winners of 43 Grand Slam.

While hitting the ball on the wall, Serena explained what special challenge. “When Roger sent us this desfío, I knew I could not fail and I had to do this. I’ve been three days, four, five… I don’t know. Still estpy doing this challenge. I have millions of hits, much time has passed. I’m hungry, I’m tired, I’m thirsty, but I will not yield,” said Serena, who does not stop to rest their competitiveness during the quarantine period.