Sergio, Focus, Shoplifters: series and movies for the weekend (17 – 19 April)


This weekend comes from the hand of Ana de Armas and the movie Sergioinspired by the life of the diplomat Sergio Vieira de Mello, who comes to Netflix next to Focusthe film, in which Will Smith and Margot Robbie they learned to be stafadores.

Do you not know what movies and series to watch on the weekend? We’ve got you covered with a selection foolproof, so go for the popcorn, prepare the couch and dedicate yourself to spend hours in front of the screen.

The weekend finally arrived and is reserved to recharge the batteries, relax and get to see all the movies and series that have been on your radar from days ago, but you could not see in the week because you were busy working and finishing up pending as if there was no tomorrow.

Thanks to the war of the streaming, now debut on thousands of different things each week and, fortunately, the gods of film and television know that the weekend is perfect to see something new, so most of these releases are reserved for those days when you don’t have to go to work, you can wake up as late as your body allows and be as unproductive as you might think

If you really don’t want to make plans, and your bed (or your favorite chair) calls you, there are a few premieres special they give you a good excuse to stay home and turn off your phone and cancel all the plans that you made, knowing you didn’t want to go.

What the best of this weekend in particular? Netflix is with all, movies like Sergio, Focus, Legacy, in the bones and Shoplifters (for fans of Parasite) you are going to keep you very busy for hours, so maybe you want to cancel your meeting for the zoom.

Films, series and special programsyour agenda for the weekend is just filling up with hours and hours of entertainment.


Shoplifters (Netflix)

A family that survives by committing petty theft in stores decides to welcome a young girl, apparently battered, that are out there in the cold, without knowing that your family is looking for, and she could threaten everything they have built.

Legacy in the bones (Netflix)

To a year to solve a series of murders terrible, the detective Amaia Salazar begins to investigate a new mystery that will take her to the valley of Baztán once more.

The Last Kids on Earth: Book 2 (Netflix)

When zombies and monsters invade his village, a pugnacious orphan of 13 years ago to team up with their friends with the hope of surviving the chaos.

Sergio (Netflix)

Passions, ideals and harsh realities converge in the life of Vieira de Mello, the diplomat, the UN is trapped under the rubble of terrorism in Iraq.

Acropora (HBO)

Kumail Nanjiani and Dave Bautista star in this film about a detective who recruits his driver of Uber to help with a dangerous mission.

Focus (Netflix)

Will Smith and Margot Robbie play two swindlers who are involved in a case is dangerous it could destroy everything you have achieved. He was her mentor, but now she is a con-artist and expert needs your help to get out of a big problem.


Selah and the Spaded (Amazon Prime)

Five factions they lead the underground life of Haldwell School, a prestigious boarding school on the east coast. At the head of the most powerful faction, The Spades, feel Selah Summers, walking the thin line between being feared and loved.

Superstore, seasons 1 to 4 (Amazon Prime)

This comedy follows the employees at a big box store, their adventures, problems with the boss and all that you do to make the workday a little more fun..

Between Men (HBO)

Is the golden age of the gangs, and one of the darkest moments for the police, which is controlled by a group of commissioners millionaires that are involved in the illegal businesses of Buenos Aires.