Sheer dresses for use during quarantine and cease use of pants and pajamas all day


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To maintain a healthy lifestyle glamorous, fashion and sexy during the quarantine period for coronavirus is not easy. With the concern, uncertainty, and loneliness, is-almost – impossible that you feel you want to wear that silk shirt you love so much, or that little black dress that makes you feel like a movie star.

This has nothing wrong with it (as long as you do not do it every day, suggest the experts in mental health), however, to make the confinement a little more bearable for you and your self-esteem, it is important that you begin to give a twist to your days, and come back to those clothes that can help you feel better.

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In order to illuminate your days and that you return to feeling like a whole supermodel, we present to you 10 sheer dresses, comfortable and spectacular that you will forgo the pajamas and the pants, once and for all.

Remember that your health is the most important, any of these garments are available to be bought on the internet. Do not risk your integrity and that of yours and stay home.

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#1 Flowers and many colors

Before and after the quarantine, this garment should be a staple in your wardrobe. In addition to being comfortable and cool, his design will inevitably look more cheerful and optimistic. You can combine them with a pair of sandals in summer and accessories discrete, remember that the flowers should be the protagonists of this look.


#2 Simple and to the fashion

Combined with accessories in bold colors, tennis shoes or flats, a white dress can be perfect to make that video call that you have pending or that quote from love virtual that you have planned with your date on Tinder. Take advantage of the quarantine to buy this beautiful garment.


#3 Black and elegant

This is a basic color in the closet of any woman. It does not matter whether it is made of lace, linen or cotton, a maxi dress in black is a must for the whole life. In addition to being super versatile and adaptable to any occasion and can also make you feel more attractive. stylized and fresh.


#4 Boho chic

Loose clothing, in light colors, and full of good vibes, are the protagonists of this beautiful and relaxed trend. Whether they are made with linen or some light material (and eco-friendly, obviously), these are perfect to spend your evenings working, watching series or favorite movies, or while having a glass of wine. Cheers!


#5 vibrant Colors

If what you want is to project safety, style and girl power, this look is for you. It does not matter if it is yellow, orange or even a beautiful and sensual red color, with a dress gauzy monochrome, it is sure that you will feel more stylized, and fashionista (even though I don’t leave home).


#6 Buttons

We know that these dresses are not the favorite choice around the world due to the fear of open too, or come to desabotonarse, however, in the midst of this health crisis, where we must remain in detention, it can be an excellent (and very cool) option. Try and complement the look with your sandals favorite.


#7 Rocker vibes

This outfit will also take you out of a pinch if you have a board last time, or if, unexpectedly, there was a virtual feast with your friends. You only need to choose the design that goes most with your style so you can look stylish, comfortable, and with that vibrating rocker and badass that characterizes this mysterious color.


#8 Romantic and fresh

Ruffles, flowers, bows, volumes and even transparency are the features that better describe this style. Whether it be to pass a Sunday between books, pasta and a lemonade, or if you just want to feel out a book of Jane Austen, this garment is ideal if you want to look comfortable while looking fresh and breezy.


#9 shoulder Straps

If you have a lot (but a lot of heat) and you want to look and feel fresh without losing the style, this dress is for you. Of flowers, lace, with vibe hippie or a vibrant color, this look is ideal for enhancing and brightening your day while you stay cool. It can also be a good opportunity to forget the bra for a couple of hours (or days), give it a try.


#10 Flyers

They are elegant, glamorous and have a vibe victorian that fascinates us. These garments are suitable for that virtual meal to celebrate the birthday of the grandmother or to present the project in which have you been working for days. It is a must to wear if you want to feel (and look) like a girl boss inside.

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Now that you understand all of these recommendations, we invite you to put them to the test, you can be sure that once you try this your day will improve significantly.

Finally, remember that in the midst of this crisis, it is very important that you take care of your mental health. According to the experts, apparel as regularly as you do is a great incentive for your mind and emotional state, do not let the quarantine would ruin what makes you happy.

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Regardless of any style guide, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable, safe and empowered with yourself. Keep in mind that the fashion and trends define our value as human beings.

You are loved, important and valued by the simple fact that they exist. Never forget that.

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