Shocking before and after Shakira, looks unrecognizable now


Since Shakira dazzled the world with bare Feet in 1995, has not stopped ringing in the radio stations or adding followers throughout the world.

And as well as his music is loved by all their fans, they have also tried to replicate his style over the years.

Before and after of Shakira

At the beginning of his career in the early 90s, Shakira made her debut on the stage with a simple style, with hair black and very long, look with one that showed an intense personality. In this image I was 18 years old.

With their first album, released in 1995, populizó themes like bare Feet, I’m here and Anthology themes that have endured through the years.

Then became fashionable the dark hair braided with reflections of colorsjust after the release of the disk Where are the thieves? in 1998.

At the end of the 90’s dyed his hair red, showing a mane much more unruly than predicted in the MTV Unplugged.

But Shakira totally change their look at the beginning of the years 2000, with the release of her album laundry Service with the in addition, he ventured into the british market to record songs in English. Changed her hair from red to blonde.

And from that moment on, Shakira almost always has kept her hair blonde, changing only the tone: sometimes it takes platinum and other with shades of more brown.

The transformation in more than 20 years has been dramatic, changing both their hair as their clothing.

While in the 90’s wore more baggy pants and shirts, then adopted a look more rebellious and scruffy, up rocker, with torn pants, t-shirts and black leather jackets.

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