Sings Kelly Clarkson for the first time in Spanish


Madrid, Spain

The interpreter american Kelly he has presented this Friday, the song which assumes its debut in Spanish, “I Dare You (I dare You to Love)”, in which he shares verses with the Spanish Blas Cantó.

“This is my favorite project and the most difficult in which I have worked to date. While growing up singing in different languages, has always been a dream for me to find the perfect song with the right message, to connect to the global level”, says the american artist, in a press release.

In addition to the version in Spanish with Sang and the original English version, Kelly Clarkson has recorded this song in four other languages: French (Zaz), Arabic (with Faouzia), German (with Glasperlenspiel) and Hebrew (Maya Buskila).

“We decided to go ahead with the launch on this date, as it is now when we feel that we must be united, and perhaps the message of this song brings hope in this time of darkness and isolation,” notes on the date chosen to publish his new song, in full pandemic by Covid-19.

He sang, that will be the Spanish representative in Eurovision 2021 after the cancellation of this year’s edition, had already been singing in the past as a member of the band Auryn along with another great voice of american music, the of Anastacia on the song “Who’s Loving You?”.

In addition to “Universe”, the subject with which he should have participated in Eurovision 2020, this artist murcia recently published the song “My light” next to the seville Pastora Soler, material that binds his only solo album to date, “Complicated” (2018).

Clarkson, for his part, was published in 2017, his last album to date, “Meaning of Life”, the eighth studio album of a career of successes in the pop music world, which started after winning the first edition of the contest “American Idol.”

Since the launch in 2003’s “Thankful,” has sold more than 25 million copies of their albums, in addition to be a creditor of three Grammy awards and four American Music Awards.

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