So it is to be exercised Ariana Grande with the routine of Pasternak, the trainer of the celebrities (and we can follow it at home)


It is not celebrity during these days there has shown us his workout routine and, in some cases, as in the Elsa Pataky, even bringing out a app exercise to train ourselves with it.

Thanks to how willing you are to share we can see how they care for themselves and keep fit our singers and favorite actresses. This is the case of Ariana Grande who, yesterday, shared via stories how he used to train. In that story we could discover that her trainer is Harley Pasternak.

It is a fitness trainer to the stars, which, according to his own website, he has worked with other celebrities like Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus or Megan Fox, among others.

Although Ariana has not given too many clues about the type of routine that takes place, but based on the way of work of Pasternak, the routines tend not to be too long, but based on intensity and repetitionslike the HIIT workouts.

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The coach proposed routines of between 5 and 15 minutes a dayso that we can exercise our body while we may have little time. For him the key is that in both our diet and our habits are healthy, so the gym is the plug end. Following a training with him, Ariana Grande will probably not spend much more time to exercise, but I practice every day and take care of your food and habits.

The advantage is that the workouts that follow Ariana can be done at home no problem since they are designed to be without material, with only the weight of our body. If you have dumbbells at home, we can also follow some of the workouts proposed by Pasternak and both help Great.

Yes, if we want to train as her and take care of us in the same way, we must not forget to have healthy habits and maintain a healthy diet to take care of us on the inside to start.

Images | @arianagrande