So it would look like Goku in real life


The digital artist Robson Lami managed to create a version of Goku, the protagonist of Dragon Ballwith a look humanized although it is surprising it is also very scary and I don’t believe me, see the result in the video that the Lami rose to its YouTube channel.

From what we can see in his video, he used an image drawn by Toriyama for the first volumes of Dragon Ball, when Goku was small, as a base and using Adobe Photoshop was integrating photographs of the skin, mouth, eyes and hair real to make it look more human.

This is not the only character that Lami has been humanized. On your channel we can find Pinocchio, Morty, Peter Flintstones and many more with a look that espantaría to anyone if you are found on the street.