Sofia Vergara remembers his beginnings on television with pictures in bikini


The quarantine has sparked the most nostalgic of both anonymous and famous, that they have resorted to social networks to share some memories of the past with their followers. Such is the case of colombian actress Sofia Vergara in the past few days has shared on Instagram real treasures.

One of those memories that is more giving that talk is that he published of his beginnings in the world of television, the barranquilla appears walking in a bikini on the beaches of El Salvador. These images correspond to the program Out of Series, in which he was accompanied by Fernando Fiore.

This video dates from the 90s and before this image of the beautiful actress all of his followers have been sentenced the same thing: it seems that not the years pass by it.

“The best kept secret of El Salvador are its beaches. Are 320 kilometres of beaches, spectacular sand different: white, black and brown,” says Sophia as she walks with a bikini top yellow for the beaches.

“As beautiful and spontaneous as always”, “If you tell me that it was yesterday, if what I believe”, “Always spectacular” or “You are egalitarian now”, are some of the comments that you have left next to the publication.

But he has not stayed there, because the actress of 47 years has continued moving further back in time and has posted a picture of her with a bathing suit also in yellow and dates from the 80’s and was taken in Colombia, where already in his teens, you could see their natural beauty.

Without a doubt, to the wife of Joe Manganiello not afraid to look at themselves in the mirror and see the passage of time. Maybe because it is still as great as always.

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