Steals toilet paper out of panic; the demand for the return of your money


A man bought 150 packages of 32 rolls of toilet paper, but now the demand for the return of your money

The pandemic coronavirus has made many people into irrational panic. Such is the case of a man who decided to buy toilet paper in excess, and, once calm, demanded the return of their money.

The fear of the Covid-19 caused thousands of people abarrotaran supermarkets doing ‘purchases panic’ causing shortages of several products, such as the toilet paper or the hand sanitizers and surgical masks N95.

Such was the case of a man in Australia when buying 150 packages toilet paper 32 rolls and 150 cans of gel antibacterial 1 litre but, seeing that it was too much, tried to return it to the grocery store with the hope that we will return your money.

The story was given by John-Paul Drake, director of Drakes Supermarket via a video in YouTube exposing the client to the criticism behavior “ridiculous” ensuring that had only brought problems to the country.” That is why the director assured that you will now have to live with the consequences.

“Yesterday came the first customer that I demanded that she return the money for 150 packages of toilet paper and a 150-litre pots of hand sanitizer. I told her this (raises middle finger). It is the type of person that is causing problems to all in the country”John-Paul Drake. Drakes Supermarket

The client in question also confessed to John-Paul Drake tried to resell these items through eBay but that failed because I closed the account when you try to make a profit with this type of products before the crisis of the pandemic, it is for this reason that he had returned to the grocery store with the hope of recovering their money.