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The future of the Man of Steel on the big screen is under a lot of scrutiny, in the wake of the expulsion of Zack Snyder Warner Bros.

However, Superman remains a valuable property for DC Comics, even if you are not sure what to do with the character.

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But now that the director of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, J. J. Abrams, is working with Warner Bros, it is speculated that the filmmaker could be in charge of the franchise of Superman in the coming months.

It is so in an interview with Comicbook, he was asked to Abrams about this topic that remain in doubt millions of fans of the superhero of Metropolis.

“I have not had a conversation with an official Warner about this, but the people he has asked me this question and I know that us, Bad Robot, recently we signed an agreement with WarnerMedia, we will begin in earnest all the discussions about what comes next,” said Abrams to the well-known web portal.

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There have been questions about where will the franchise of Superman, especially as the executives of films are struggling to determine the direction of the character.

Even Henry Cavill is not sure, as that had a big impact on the franchise that is stagnant after the failure in the critical and box office that earned the film The justice league.

While he spoke of Man of Steel, Cavill stated the following: “A great starting point. If I had to return, I don’t think that will change anything.”

But he said about the sequel: “It’s very much a Batman movie. And I think that the kingdom of darkness is great for a Batman movie”.

Only remains to hope that representatives of Warner Bros. deciding on the future of the character in the film, whose last appearance in the DCEU took the tape Shazam, released in 2019.

An Actor would never be Superman.