Perhaps the most veterans agree . Back in the 70s , the pop songs that are a little more than three minutes trying to explain the meaning of life with ingenious riffs guitar and choirs of angelic voices which repeated choruses memorable , gave way to more complex , ambitious and elongated , giving rise to what became known as the concept albums. Long-playing records , overcome singles that had a thematic unity from their covers to their texts , though the story is dividiese in songs differentiated from one another . Some of the musical works most relevant to the history of contemporary music emerged from such a tendency that had in Pink Floyd, JethroTull , Genesis , King Crimsom , Yes or the Moody Blues some of his most well-known creators . They were times in which everything is lengthened and in which be transcendent compared to the simplicity of pop seemed an essential requirement if you want to be at the last . After a few years of domination of this style , came the punk and destroyed him with all emphasis on the instant, to the intensity and complexity of the stories . Today the pop music revolves around songs gum that should catch the listener on their first chords and does not last more than four minutes .

Remember this happened in popular music ,as a prelude of what that may signify the emergence in the last few weeks of Quibi , another platform of audio-visual content via the internet , payment and content very attractive , whose main difference lies in the fact that episodes of its series are designed to be viewed on portable devices and last always less than 10 minutes . Someone would say that it is already on YouTube and it is true , but the supply of Quibi stands out for being short-term episodes , the level of production is as high as the one of the most important series or traditional film . Its founders, Jeffrey Katzenberg, creator with Steven Spielberg from Dreamworks , and Meg Withman, former chief executive of EBay , have understood before anyone else that we live in a time urgent and over-abundance of content , in which we spent many, many hours trapped by our mobile phones while we drive to work or we hope that we serve ; and that we don’t have time to follow everything that the industry offers .

Hence, QUIBI offer snacks fast, as if a appetizer it were that of a complete menu. Because see Quibi is like going for tapas . Offers reality shows , rapid quiz , comedy shows and thrillers that trap from minute one , directly addressing the grain to adapt to the consumption of native born citizens of this century . But not only that , the offer is also quality . Even offer news , comedy and even a great kitchen Dishmantle ; but stand out The most dangerous game, a hugely addictive action series starring Christoph Waltz and Liam Hemsworth ; the comedy Flipped, in the few reformers of houses found a stash hidden a few drug dealers, or Survive, a drama starring Sophie Turner . In summary , you may arrive at the wrong time , but Quibi is original and in a time series purporting to be the symphonies of Beethoven , his bet reminds us that, as in the pop , what good if brief , twice good .