That’s really amazing! karol G and Anuel AA are captured while they were walking Look at what they do!


Karol G and Anuel enjoy a different day full of surprise

Karol G and Anuel AA are the couple of the moment and during this past year, the tiny babies have consented to their followers through the social networks as we share his best photos and states.

On this occasion, we found a video where you can see the detail of the couple enjoying a day trip on a zoo that has attracted much attention of the media.

After your visit to the zoo, the singers made a stop, where they tasted some tasty cobs. It can be seen that was accompanied by some friends.

While Karol G enjoyed his rich cob Anuel enjoyed seeing her eat, after a few minutes they approach some supporters who wanted their picture taken with the singers, but the colombian any time left to eat his ear, as he touched the puerto rican to take the photo with her followers the only.

Then the follower went Anuel reacted in a way a bit strange, apparently he was very curious clock of your partner , and not stopped to see them for a few minutes, surely he was detailing to your quality, would it Be possible?