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Tyson Ritter and Nick Wheeler jumped into our hearts with his excellent debut album, the eponymous The rejects of all-american. Once landed with a bang of power-pop in 2002, it was obvious that this duo, later augmented by Mike Kennerty and Chris Gaylor, had all the ingredients: writing sharp, memorable melodies, harmonies, excellent, in addition to the X factor flash and fun that translates across borders and contributes to global sales exceeding 10 million albums. It is not exactly what you would expect from a team rooted in a high school in Oklahoma, the sounds that create combine the fabulous pop-punk of the old school with the instrumentation organic, but they are still attentive to the mixers that are happening: check your Flatline EP where Dj Skrillex, Jeff Bhasker and Tyler Johnson are trapped in the grooves, and other side-trips to unusual. Recognized for their visual ideas and videos compelling, all americans have achieved notable successes in individual successes as “It Ends Tonight”, “Move Along” and “Gives You Hell”. His popularity in the Uk has grown exponentially. The disc 2012 Children in the street it is a firm favourite in these parts.

Ritter is proving to be an excellent actor and a dynamic leader of the rock, with key roles in the Brian Wilson the biopic Love & Mercy and the recent Miss You Already, a comedy drama best friends with a sting in the story. With his good looks, model, insight, music and his extensive charisma, Ritter is destined for great things and the band essential is blessed with a attractive also contagious, which has withstood rumors split, fans heartbroken, and seems to last as they debate the new material. We loved exploring them and I guess you also …

The Rejects All-American were formed in Stillwater, Oklahoma in 1999, although Tyson Ritter and Nick Wheeler had already met with the shoulders in a club. Bonds forged on a demo called All-American Rejects that was completed with the original guitarist Jesse Tabish. The self-released Same Girl, New Songs EP was personally delivered on the first concerts and it is now incredibly rare and sought after.

Signed with DreamWorks at the end of 2002, the debut self-titled label Doghouse caused a storm. The material is catchy and dynamic, and the gusts of occasional emo in the downtime gave the nail on the head, and some critics compared with the first WHO and boys of the beachalthough The Cars, Weezer and the replacements could be points of reference more relevant. Certainly, the songs on key “Swing, Swing”, “The Last Song” and “Time Stands Still” passed through the static of FM and the recipe: the cars, the girls, anguish and redemption struck a chord with his natural audience, which means that the live shows became poor natural disturbances.

Lead Single from the second album To overcome it was “Dirty Little Secret”, an escape from the blues of a small town that gives you a chance to Green Day for their considerable money. However, growing up in public and do it fast will not hurt, and the album was a breakthrough, a genuine double-platinum. The skillful production of Howard Benson was vital to achieve the best of Ritter, Wheeler, and new guys Kennerty and Gaylor. The title track and “it Ends tonight” they have qualities himnicas and charm cross. Try the international version to get an acoustic version of “Night Drive” and the edition of bonus track in the Uk, “Eyelash Wishes”. Or, to hear them walk on the boards, listen deluxe edition iTunes, where you get five successes, live at the Wiltern, this charming theatre art deco on Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles.

The estimated Eric Valentine was called to produce When the world collapses (2008) whose first single “Gives You Hell” is its release most successful to date: 4xPlatinum and 4 million satisfied customers. They recorded this important song at the ranch, Skywalker George Lucas and made the primary disk at Barefoot Recording. Decampando to more remote parts of North America to escape the influences are not desired, Ritter and Wheeler emerged with twelve items fabulous. “Another Heart Calls” presents The Pierces and the orchestration of Deborah Lurie’s, and is one of the best things that have been done: the mainstream with security, but with bags of energy and a melody that is irresistible. The fans could not get enough of this, but do not worry too much: the versions of iTunes / International deluxe Uk, Best Buy, Australia, Japan and EE. UU. Offer several demonstrations, parts, live, and remixed and additional content from the computer to keep him entertained.

After a stream of EPs, Remixes, the boys returned to the studio to Children in the streetagain , this time working with Greg Wells (Adele, Katy Perry, OneRepublic, Mike, etc). Writing in the piano, Ritter built the most ambitious of All-American Rejects to date and managed to escape from the limitations of the cliche teen pop in the truly bouncy “Beekeeper”s Daughter”, with its touch of camp, the pain growing “Kids in the Street ”and the standout piece“ Heartbeat Slowing Down ”, an alternative sublime to his standard with the pipes angelic Mika that is filtered through the backdrop of the atmosphere.

After teasing the base of fans through his personal Twitter account, it seems fair to say that a new song, “Into My Heart”, is about to fall and the rumors about the next album, the working title Calypso, are gaining momentum. The main song of the film already mentioned Miss You Already could also be claimed by AAR: called “There’s a place”, we can’t wait to listen to it. Patience, patience, and in the meantime, take the time to discover this beautiful band young.

Words: Max Bell

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