The best apps for children to get exercise at home


Apps for children to get exercise at home

Not being able to leave home is not synonymous with having to completely abandon the physical exercise. We know that the series from Netflix and HBO are very powerful, but it is recommended dedicate a time each day to physical activity. The seniors have it easy thanks to the 9 apps to do exercise at home, but what about the smaller ones?

In addition to finding time to play with your family during the confinement, there is also find it for the children to do some exercise. To make the task, we offer you a list of the best apps for children to get exercise at home. Through fun workouts, these applications are responsible for promoting that physical activity is so needed these days.

Exercises morning for children

App exercises morning for children

Have a fixed schedule to do the training can facilitate children to acquire the routine of exercise. In this case, the app “Exercises morning for children” proposes a series of activities that children can do in the morning.

Through a series of fun exercises, the app ensures that the kids stay active and train different parts of the body. In order to do each activity, feature with the help of a young character that shows them visually how they should do it.

Kids Yoga and family fitness

App yoga for children

If you practice Yoga at home, you can achieve that the kids join to your workouts thanks to this app Yoga for boys and girls. With poses designed especially for the youngest guests of the house, “Yoga for children” is a good app to be able to train together during these days of confinement.

Although the app is in English, the animations show exactly how to exercise. In addition, you can choose the category of the workout plan: easy, medium, hard, animal, whole body, or favorites, which contains those exercises which the children marked with the button of the heart.

Just Dance Now

Younger guests can also exercise at home with the dance, an activity that unites the movement and body music to turn them into fun moments. So you propose to Just Dance Now, an app with which children will be able to discover the great dancer that you carry within while you engage in physical exercise.

“Softly” by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee and “Swish Swish” of Katy Perry ft. Nicki Minaj are just a few of the topics included in the catalog of Just Dance Now, made up of more than 500 songs. With just a few touches, children can start to dance, imitating the steps of the characters on the screen and, in addition, you can create your own list of favorite songs to be able to bailarlas when they want to.

Fitness for kids – Yoga

App fitness for children

This app returns to focus on the Yoga to recommend exercises that children can do at home. The training, divided into beginning, intermediate, and advanced, are focused on improving the strength and flexibility of the joints of the children.

For these know how to do the exercises, count on the help of detailed animation on the screen featuring characters of the same age. You can also see in a moment a timer that indicates the duration time of each exercise.

Exercise for Kids

App Exercise for Kids

This free app for Android encourages children to do sport at home with a training plan made up of 15 different exercises. To the activity to be even more fun, you can cheer you up and doing one of those exercises to your side. In addition, you can set a reminder that will alert you each day to do the exercises of the app.

“Exercise for Kids” has three difficulty levels: easy, medium and difficult. Before you begin with a plan, you will have to select one of these levels. Later, the time will come when you do the exercises following the instructions of the animated demonstrations that appear on the screen, with timer included.

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