The bikini luxe Hailey Bieber hit Instagram


The model Hailey Bieber ‘raised the temperature’ of your account Instagram by posting two photos of herself sporting a bikini vintage of the luxury brand Dior.

In the first picture, she wore the bathing suit grey with black and bragged about her flat abdomen, and the figure turned. Completed the look with sun glasses and hoop golden brown.

For the second photograph, made emphasis on the details. Showed his hand with a manicure green, its spectacular engagement ring diamond rings and gold watch. Combed her hair blonde tresses in a low bun.

As a description of the publication noted: “Craving a bit of sun and thinking of Jamaica”. Added more than a million reactions.

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The publication is after that revealed she does not plan to have children with Justin Bieber in the short term. “I’m taking a method of birth controlbut I still feel the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and it affects my skin.”

Hailey Bieber revealed that have perioral dermatitis, what causes outbreaks and inflammations that are red around the mouth when stressed or exposed to certain environments.

“My skin actually stays much better in Canada, where there is cleaner air, when I’m on New York or Los Angeles. I have perioral dermatitis, so that certain products irritate my skin and give me a rash with itching horrible around the mouth and eyes”.

“I always try to avoid fragrances in the products, as it is too much for my skin. However, do not always know what that put me, because I work with makeup artists different,” he said in an interview with Glamour.

Hailey and Justin Bieber are going to the quarantine in his mansion in Canada. Have shared photos of their stay in isolation and donated money to organizations that fight against the pandemic Covid-19.


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