The censorship in the US


A fact very significant but little discussed, is the censorship that exists in the united States on various films that deal with issues morally uncomfortable. It is not an official censorship nor open, but is de facto to restrict your display to only a handful of rooms, usually in New York and Los Angeles. Is extensive the list of films that in recent years have had a very limited distribution, not because it will handle explicit sex, but because of its subject of unethical behaviour of the characters.

Remember, only in the last decade, Adore, with Naomi Watts and Robin Wright, in which each of them maintains a relationship with the children of the other; forbidden Secret (Trust) about a girl who falls victim to a child molester in the network; The lover of my father (The only living boy in New York), in which Kate Beckinsale was sleeping with the son of her lover (Pierce Brosnan), or Lovelace, where Amanda Seyfried played the famous actress Linda Lovelace, star of the iconic porn movie deep Throat. The same happens in the case of the films about crimes committed by the mentally ill as The murder of the family Bolton (Lizzie), real story of the NINETEENTH century, in which Chloe Sevigny killed her parents, or the film version of the monumental novel of Philip Groth, Pastorela american, directed, and starring Ewan MacGregor, where the daughter of a family model us becomes a terrorist. It was also restricted for a film as important and a lot of qualities such as Heart erase (Boy erased) with Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe and Luke Hedges, relevant true story about the therapies anti-gay and carried out in various states of the country religious groups.

What is revealing is that none of these movies fell in excess of sex or violence. The viewers deserve the opportunity to judge for themselves. The above is derived from the posture puritan that has been spreading in the united States from the government of Ronald Reagan in the 80’s and that has even invaded the field of science, with a current that denies the theory of evolution of Darwin.

This stance makes it nearly impossible to currently could make films that had a great echo 50 or 60 years ago. I think of Lolita in the Stanley Kubrick adapted brilliantly to the enormous novel of Vladimir Nabokov; the splendid Manhattan, in which Woody Allen (who also directed) had an open relationship with a 17 year old girl (Mariel Hemingway), and much less Pretty baby of the legendary French filmmaker Louis Malle, about a brothel in New Orleans of the early TWENTIETH century in which subastaba the virginity of a girl, played by Brooke Shields, then 13 years old. No would have a normal distribution. There is an air of intolerance, fuelled by the time of this incendiary social networks.

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