The dart of Chris Hemsworth (Thor) to Miley Cyrus after their split with his brother Liam Hemsworth


Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus got married in a wedding surprise in the christmas of 2018after a complicated 10-year relationship where there were quite a few ups and downs and breakups.

A short time after marriage, in August of 2019, the couple were separated starring in a huge controversy after leaving the light of their separation. This made the protagonist of the ‘Hunger Games’ decided to move back to his native Australia with his family.

The actor has gone through a few difficult months until he has recovered from this trance and has sought the support of their loved ones in addition to focus on the exercise. A hobby that has given its fruits after checking their great physical change.

His brother Chris Hemsworth, who has been beside him all the time, has made reference to this break after talking about the return of Liam to Australia in an interview that offered to while speaking about his new film ‘Extraction’. Although in one of his phrases, one can perceive a hint to Miley Cyrus that we tell you in the video above of the news.

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