The details of the macro-concert this evening with Lady Gaga and big rock stars


They were taking the Rolling Stones to join the macroevento solidarity against the Covid-19. The appointment more strange that has had the rock with your audience, because they have a stage and people singing along to the songs or mobile lit as candles. Only a hundred and a half of international artists to be provided from their respective confinements to the potential billions that can be viéndoles from their homes all over the planet.

The initiative, this
One World: Together at Ho
powered by Lady Gaga and the World Health Organization, which will mean more than eight hours of music broadcast in all over the world –the latest with the concert televised, which will begin at 2.00 h. on the morning of Sunday, Spanish time–, will recall the historic Live Aid of 1985, which brought to an audience millionaire David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Queen, U2, or Madonna, to fight against hunger in east Africa.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga
(Willy Sanjuan / AP)

Neither Bowie or Freddy Mercury could today repeat what was at the time felt like the best performance of the rock history, but will present a massive number of legendary figures, among which are Paul McCartney, Elton John, Steve Wonder, and, since yesterday, their satanic majesties. The band of Mick Jagger reported yesterday “pleased” that they feel to the invitation.

Poster intergenerational

But not only of eternal glories are fed into the event. In fact, it will be an opportunity to unite different generations of artists. Do not miss Billie Eilish, John Legend, Chris Martin, Alanais Morissete, Celine Dion, Jo. Balvin, Michael Bubble, Lizzo, or Latin rhythms as the Maluma, Luis Fonsi, Jennifer López or Anitta. And escorándose towards the classical music, the pianist chico Lang Lang or the singer Andrea Bocelli, which will open the doors of his house in Italy. Other european households will be those of the French Angèle and Christine and the Queens. Or in the british Jessie. j.

The singer Billie Eilish

The singer Billie Eilish
(John Locher / AP)

Unlike 1985, there is not two macroconciertos in Philadelphia and London more events in other countries, which raised more than 90 million euros, but artists like Juanes or Taylor Swift opening the doors of their houses at the same time in this quarantine global.

Marathon artists

The marathon will start at 20 Spanish time today, with six hours of performances that will continue to be in networks –Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube–. And it will culminate with a grand concert of two hours with international stars in Spain to be broadcast on TVE, although they may also be followed online. There are european chains, such as the BBC, who have confirmed that it will be given during the Sunday morning.

The collection, as well said Lady Gaga, they has been doing before the macroevento which will be presented by Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert. The artist noted, at present the idea, that raise money being in the air was not what you intended, but to do so previously, by appealing to big business and to philanthropy. “We want to raise the money before going on air. When we are live, keep their wallets, their credit cards and enjoy the show,” he said. For the moment, organizers say they have gathered more than $ 35 million (approximately eur 32 million).

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