The diets of the most famous rare and extreme


The diets of the famous have always generated a lot of controversy because in the vast majority of cases are anything but healthy. Are meal plans are very restrictive, requiring great sacrifices and put themselves at risk of health. These are some of them.

Dukan Diet

The Dukan Diet was made famous by Kate Middletonwho bet for it to lose several pounds, and as well show off your wedding dress. It consists of eating protein in bulk and you’re only allowed to eat a total of 100 food: 28 vegetables and 72 food with a high protein content.

However, experts claim that this eating plan can cause big nutritional imbalances, as well as hormonal alterations and psychological.

Diet Keto

Kim Kardashian is one of the great advocates of the Diet Keto, although experts point out that it has many side effects: bad breath, decrease of cognitive performance, dizziness…

An eating plan that consists of eating very few carbohydrates, substituting your intake by the proteins. It is based on eating foods of animal origin, promoting satiety.

Zone diet

Jennifer Aniston looks stunning body at 50 years of age, and she explained that because the Zone Diet. Is to increase the percentage of protein and to reduce the sources of carbohydrates. The eating plan is based on vegetables and fruits, followed by eggs, dairy, and fish. Cereals and legumes are in last place.

Experts point out that this diet does not involve any additional advantage to the time to lose the weight and that the reason that Jennifer Aniston has a figure so slender is basically due to the exercise that it performs.

If you really want to lose weight don’t follow diets of the famous. The best thing is that you follow a healthy lifestyle, eating well and exercising. Visit to a nutritionist it can help you.