The empire of the sport trembles before the dictatorship of the pandemic


April 18, 2020, 0:57
By Jhonah Díaz González (*)

Havana (Prensa Latina).- The latest sports news are far from encouraging. The month of April continues its march and the majority of the tournaments provided they lose space in the calendar. The athletic world is on pause and shows serious injuries after driving his knees before the virus SARS-CoV-2, your executioner.

Tennis, football, baseball, basketball, cycling, chess, athletics. The list of victims is extensive and the account of events suspended or postponed grows without detail. This is far from to suggest a future stimulant, and no history saves appointments as Wimbledon, Roland Garros or the Champions League.

Even some skeptics don’t lose time in place between the question marks on the issue 32 of the modern Olympic Games. Yes, the fair of Tokyo, that changed dates and passed by 2021, still walks among warm cloths in a current context unable to give accurate readings.

Stoned, very stoned is the way towards the capital of Japan. The uncertainty touches new heights and increase the decibels of despair among the faithful lovers of sports. At this point, the only thing certain is that the International Olympic Committee placed the program between July 23 and August 8.

The pandemic of the Covid-19 left in quarantine to the greatest sports party on the planet. Hampered the dreams of millions of people. Postponed the fantasies of thousands of athletes. Dynamited the desire to see the best in a same space, together as a family under the shadow of the five rings.

Now come adjustments in the cycles of workouts. Perhaps the emergence of athletes novice willing to forge their legends, and other historical leave the boat by the pressure of the God Cronus. Surely there will be new contracts for television and advertising. Not a few details will vary.

But today there are tasks that are more substantial: to preserve the health and life of all transcends any event atletico. So, when you reach the moment of glory, already with the cauldron of Tokyo power, respiraremos deep and ovacionaremos the collective success after so much adversity and affliction.


Some lose hope. One of them, the tennis player German Jan-Lennard Struff, had already stopped believing and didn’t hide his thought: ‘In my opinion, there will be more tournaments at the international level. Simply because it will not be possible for the players to transfer due to the different restrictions of travel’.

In statements to the specialized Advantage, Struff, seat 34 in the world rankings, opened the pandora’s box and was direct. Articulated an idea that ?at this point – doesn’t sound chimerical, because really, ‘it will be difficult to return to the tennis of the season professional of 2020’, as referred to by the european.

Not start the MotoGP and its current monarch, the Spanish Marc Marquez, longs to fly his Sling was marked with a number 93 that is strange in the circuits.

However, the principal leaders of the motorcycling, keep the faith, despite receiving hard blows in the last few weeks.

Now they had to understand that it will be impossible to start the period, competitive with the Grand Prix of Germany, by the extension of the local government of the restrictions to large events with audience up to the 31st of August, as before the Covid-19.

The race in Sachsenring, in the city of Hohenstein-Ernstthal, was scheduled for June 21, and appeared with real options to open the phonebook of speed. But so shall it not be and the maximized optimism leaves continuously to the MotoGP on the ground, as if the path were a hell.

The football nor escapes the tempest. Neither its economic power did capitulate to the new coronavirus, the cause of heresy to sport never seen before.

The leagues domestic make up an ocean of doubts, although in Germany and in England, planning to go behind closed doors, with the favor of government authorities and health.

Yes, the sport universal living an impasse huge and the closest thing comes from the social networks with dissimilar tips on how to combat the leisure.

The planet Earth draws lessons quasi-eternal, and the stars in the scope will no longer be in the game space. Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, LeBron James, Serena Williams, Roger Fededer are at home, in quarantine, as a large portion of their millions of followers.

There is No winner(s) in this time of pandemic. The mega-companies also give space and hold on to a table, saving the channel specialised in the field resort to old feats to protect a schedule out of date, and, therefore, their advertising films lose their force before an audience hungry for new chapters.

Humanity breathes distrust and sport-balm many times in the past – has arms crossed and nothing you can do to oxygenate a 2020 that will go down in the annals of history as a genuine fallacy. It only remains to wait.

The only viable option is to view weather the storm, prepare for recovery ?that looms fed up demanding – and wait for the arrival of the calm.

When there shall be stillness? Here is the main question. Meanwhile, the arrogant empire of sports will continue trembling before the harsh dictatorship of the pandemic.

(*) Journalist of the Sports Prensa Latina.