The famous sign off of the makeup during the quarantine


This quarantine has been eye-opening in many aspects. The world has been paralyzed and confined at home. The famous all over the world have done the same that the rest of the mortals, with the only difference that their social networks have gained thousands of followers, thanks to publications much more sincere. In these weeks, have been dismissed from the makeup, hair and much of their luxuries. To see some Hollywood stars with no makeup has generated more than a round of applause. The natural beauty is the one that gains ground, leaving to see to a few models or examples to follow much more easily accessible.

The famous without makeup succeed in social networks

Paz Vega is a natural beauty without makeup. The beauty of Paz Vega comes to light during this quarantine. Without nothing to accentuate her features shows that your face does not need anything more than a good moisturizer and somewhat good looking lips.

The nearly 60 years of Julianne Moore is shown at the natural. This actress is shown in this stage of his life, more sure of itself. He loves every part of her body including her wrinkles framing eyes that impress.

Nieves Álvarez does not need anything to shine. The model Nieves Álvarez demonstrates during this quarantine to take care of yourself has its advantages. You see it with the cleansed face freshly scraped off with a perfect face, leaving to see what hides behind the make-up.

Halle Berry is a woman of over 50 years who is better without makeup. See the clean face of the actress Halle Berry has left his followers in a state of shock. It is even better than with so much makeup, without a doubt, her beauty is totally natural.

Like these famous, this quarantine has served to reveal many real faces that do not need anything. The makeup hides great secrets, and generates insecurities, with him or without him, the beauty always ends up coming to light.