The ‘freestyle’ Bad Bunny conquest to Jennifer Lopez and Myke Towers


Bad Bunny it is located at the peak of his artistic career. Their last album YHLQMDLG everything is a success and the titles that make it up are at the top of the lists of hits. And although the quarantine has interrupted his agenda and his plans to tour, continues to give what to talk about with your music.

In the last weeks of confinement and has released several video clips and up to a new song with his partner, the puerto rican Gabriela Berlingeri. Now, however, the Rabbit Bad has taken a further step to prove his musical versatility with a ‘freestyle’ that has not left indifferent anybody.

Through Instagram, the singer has shared a video improvising in a room lit in orange tones, and in which we can see your new look of quarantine.

In the verses that he interprets the puerto rican speaking of their success, as well as their Grammy and their role within the genre urban, also makes reference to some sports figures, the movie the Titanic or the popular series The House of Paper.

“You are the street, I am music. I saw the list of the Billboard and your roncaera makes no logic. I do not force the flow, it is from the factory down pal study if you want to give them clinic. If it weren’t for me, gender would be so monotonous”, sings the artist.

Before this ‘fristail’, as it says in the description of the publication, have surrendered some of the other stars of the music as Jennifer Lopez, Myke Towers or Yandel, who have not let pass the opportunity to recognize the merit and talent of the interpreter I Dirty Dancing, Single.

While Myke Towers commented with a series of emoticons of flames, Yandel wrote to him: “Candela. Oh, how hard! A chorus of mine and already hehehe TQM”. For its part, the diva of the Bronx expressed his surprise with a “Whooooa”, accompanied by various emoticons of a fire.

Capture Instagram

The video exceeds the 4.4 million reproductions on the account of Benito Martinez -real name Bad Bunny – on Instagram.

The artist is going through the quarantine in Puerto Rico with his girl Gabrielle Berlingeri. During the last few weeks has been very active in their social networks by posting pictures and videos of his confinement. In addition, it has also brought out his side more generous the offer 5 thousand dollars to a follower of yours for a painting that he painted of him.