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Can you imagine that this is happening to us these days, it would have happened in the eighties? Nothing of virtual classes. With a phone line for the whole family, or we happened to dream of video calls, whatsapps or calls group. And just two tv channels. Well, one and a half. I wonder if the video stores would have been considered essential. And with Eva Nasarre, or Jane Fonda as the only monitors virtual. Of course, nothing of online games, with those Ataris or Spectrum.

We should complain less, stay quiet at home, taking advantage of the amenities that our time gives us. Today I want to make a tribute to my generation, to those boys and girls who were children or teenagers in the eighties and our gang, a series, a movie and a series set in that time, but that you can enjoy without stepping on the street.

A series: Stranger Things.

A gang of children, much like The Goonies, fans of Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars and the X-Men, which at that time was still just a comic book, is going to suffer a traumatic experience when one of their members disappears in a situation that reminds of the girl from Poltergeist. At the same time, almost out of nothing, reaches their lives a girl, who is almost as strange and powerful as ET (but much more cute), and that you will suffer a persecution very similar. And that is only the beginning of the adventure, and three of the films honored in this TV Show.

The series was an event that had haunted the world for four years. Starring Winona Ryder, David Harbour, and a gang of child actors whose faces we sound to all, led by Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Finn Wolfhard and Noah Schnapp. And of course, the nod is perfect in the eighties, is the appearance of Matthew Modine and one of the very Goonies, Sean Astin. We have already seen three seasons, and we are waiting for the issuance of the fourth, at some point in our future post-covid-19. As with everything these days. Family adventure for all. On Netflix.

A movie: It.

One of the guys at Stranger Things, is one of the protagonists of the umpteenth adaptation of the novelist of horror Stephen King to the screen. Nothing more eighties than a one of his films: Carrie, Cujo, Eyes of fire, The boys of the corn, or the adaptation of this same book, which made that we had a terror of clowns do you remember? A group of little guys popular of a small american town, is harassed by a clown giving away balloons from his hiding place in a sewer. Scares a lot of before, and is on HBO.

It has a sequel, (the book is divided into two parts) which tells the story of the same guys, twenty-seven years later, with a cast quite recognized with Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy’s head, and with Bill Skarsgård (see how difficult it is to write this last, and what bigger family) doing it again in the scary clown. To see when the kids are already in bed, or while they were in class virtual.

A book: The Eleven of Graiport.

We go with the third group today. A group of kids spent the holidays in the village, walking bike, discussing football (that is timeless), and eating goodies. Normal. But in one of their excursions in a nearby forest, they will disappear from our world, to travel to another one in which the animals talk, buildings will stand alone, and is fighting a terrible battle between good and evil, the consequences can be devastating.

It is written by a Spanish author that is unknown to most, Fernando Calderon. Only found on Amazon in digital version and in paper, can be purchased in a single volume or as a trilogy; it is an adventure for all, from the age of thirteen. Youngsters will love the adventures, the more talluditos, in addition to, the references. Good as all of what I have talked about today.