The garage of Jerry Seinfeld in New York with more than 150 cars (mostly Porsches)

Jerry Seinfeld it is one of the most popular comics in the united States. That enormous recognition has allowed him to amass a huge economic fortune that is estimated at around 830 million dollars.

A part of that amount you have invested in your extensive collection of cars that, according to several sources, has more than 150 vehicles and its value amounts to a number of between 47 and 140 million euros.

Currently, Jerry Seinfeld the program presents Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee on Netflix, where he shows some of his cars most precious, while interview on board of figures such as Barack Obama, Steve Martin or Jim Carrey.

If there is a car manufacturer that Seinfeld is absolutely in love with, that is Porsche. In fact, it has come to have up to 46 models of the company German in your collection.

As he stated to CNBC, what we value the most is its ability to address the car design with minimalism and he also praises its efficiency and aerodynamics.

For storing all your park mobile, Jerry Seinfeld acquired in 1999, a building in New York by almost 1 million euros and spent another half million on developing it. Apparently, there is a lot of parking space available on the first floor of the building and there is also a cellar able to accommodate even more cars.

Of course, it has also hired a team that take care and keep to daily the car. The luxurious garage of Jerry Seinfeld also has a home of 260 square metres, with a kitchen, a bathroom, and even a club room with a pool table.

These are some of the most outstanding models in the collection of Seinfeld, with an overwhelming majority, of course!, of Porsches:

Porsche 911 (1964)

Originally the property of the own Ferry Porsche, Seinfeld purchased this Porsche 911 370.000 € in 1996. Unlike some collectors of classic high-profile hire others to restore their acquisitions, Seinfeld did much of the work himself, spending a total of five years and 230,000 € to finish the task.

In a time of restoration, even sent back the vehicle to Germany to get the repairs specialized as possible. This attention to detail was worth it. It now has a beautiful and iconic Porsche (your favorite brand) right in the epicenter of your collection.

Porsche 959 (1983)

It is illegal to drive this model in the united states. UU.because it is not approved. Even so, it has a hole in the garage of Seinfeld. Until recently, it was illegal to even its simple possession, because the German manufacturer did not present sufficient units for the testing of the safety and emissions of the u.s. DOT (Department of Transportation).

As a curiosity, Bill Gates tried to introduce contraband into an occasionbut the vehicle was seized. With only 200 units being produced, the minimum possible in Germany, Seinfeld owns one of the cars more rare and mysterious of the history of the automobile.

Porsche RSK Spyder (1959)

It is clear that the Porsches rare are the favorites of Seinfeld. In fact, they constitute one of the claims main of your successful program Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. But this RSK Spyder is special not only for being a former model, but because is the vehicle most expensive of his entire collection, with a value of about 2.700.000 € in the current market. On his show, Seinfeld used it to interview the also comedian Kevin Hart on-board while driving.

Porsche 356 Police Car from Holland (1966)

Not only the Porsches manufactured for the general market are those that capture the attention and checkbook of Seinfeld. It also has this police car in your collection, which is estimated to have a value of 1.480.000 €. Jerry loves to drive this classic car police, as it did during a program Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with Barry Marder.

Fiat 500 (1957)

Apart from Porsche, other car manufacturer for that Jerry Seinfeld has a deep respect: Fiat.

In an article he wrote for the magazine Automobilethe comedian confessed his love for anything Italian though, probably, his devotion to the Fiats also due to its minimalist approach of the design, like the Porsche.

Fiat it is a company without pretensions that manufactures cars without pretensions,” he commented. In regards to the that has in its fleet, is this model found in the history books: one of the first city cars that, even with a maximum speed modest 85 km/h, it became a broker successful in his time.

Porsche 356A Speedster (1958)

When it comes to Porsches of old, there are moments in that Seinfeld likes you just as you are and this is a example that has been shown to without restore at some time or the other.

Was marketed as a model that’s relatively inexpensive that would provide an impressive performance. Intended for to compete with the MG and Triumphs at that time, this convertible four-speed manual had a maximum speed of 260 km/h and could go from 0 to 100 km/h in approximately 15,3 seconds.

While the 356A was destined to be a car affordable in your time, buy one today, it costs a fortune, even without restore. It is said that the 356A Speedster without restoring from Seinfeld has a price of six figures.

Porsche 993 (1994)

Another great piece of the history of Porsche. One of the latest models of Porsche air-cooled. Because of this, offers drivers a feeling nostalgic of the old school the time that gives them access to a usability modern and useful.

With a estimated value of more than 37,000 €, is a car attractive that one cannot stop looking at. Although, obviously, it is not the fastest car on the road at this time, you can expect it to be an amazing direction to the steering wheel. Your brakes are also noteworthy.

Volkswagen Karmann Ghia (1963)

While the ever-reliable Beetle was known as the “people’s car”, this Karmann Ghia was perceived as the oldest brother sports of the beetle. This may be what pushed it to Seinfeld to include it in their collection.

We like it so much that he decided to present in in Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee during a program with Joel Hodgson as a guest. Has a price of around 41.500 € and is powered by a Porsche 912 four cylinder engine. That means that it’s pretty fun driving it on the road.

Its production lasted nearly two decades, and Volkswagen built it for the last time in 1974make way for the Volkswagen Rabbit shortly after.

Porsche Carrera GT (2000)

Model prototype, the work of development of this model began with the intention of developing a race car. In the end, however, what he developed Porsche it was a super sports car that was also legal to drive by the streets.

As expected, attracted a lot of fans celebrities, including the late actor Paul Walker Fast and Furiouswho lost his life in him. In terms of the prototypes for the Carrera GT, just two were produced as vehicles in full operation. Seinfeld has one and tried to sell it during the auction of 2016, even though it’s not got

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