The heroes of the Avengers, Dragon Ball, and Justice League fighting the Coronavirus in this brutal short


In these times so strange that all we need to stay at home to avoid a greater evil, the imagination plays a very important role to entertain us and entertain on the part of the artists that are on the internet.

As the makers of the Youtube channel, Mightyraccoon!known for his impressive videos of computer animation in the creating alternate histories of the heroes most well-known of Marvel and DC and that, now, have decided to create their own group of superheroes to try to defeat the number one enemy of all humanity: the coronavirus.

In a short film of only 11 minutes, the team of animators brought together a group of Avengers, led by Iron Man, and among that we find Captain America and the Hulkof the Justice League, with the Batman and the Superman Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill, and lone heroes like John Wick, Sonic, or One Punch Man. Also, of course, is Goku from Dragon Ball. Of course, all of them have been collected by the own Nick Fury, whose first election to form the supergroup is striking, because it is not another Rick Sanchez, from Rick and Morty.

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A little humor and excitement to see all of our heroes performing a feat that is really impossible, because the true Covid-19 does not have the size of the súpervirus to those who have given life in the short.

What other superheroes would have added you to this awesome súpergrupo?