The influencers spaniards saw these series from Netflix, HBO or Prime Video


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Its been a month since that all the days seem the same, up to patterned would say if it was not because the calendar does not fail in its numbering and the menu of the day seems to be different. A kind of Groundhog Day that’s very interesting in the film, but little grace already at this stage of what also looks like a movie. Fill the day of chores has become the obsession of many: exercise routines, recipes and, of course, marathons of movies and series that help to clear the mind. From the editors of Men’s Health as we tell you our favorite series, but now we wanted to see influencers, actors and models what are, for them, the best series that you can see during this quarantine.

There are of all genres and on all platforms, so you are sure to find among these recommendations of the most popular names in the networks, a new series to get hooked and trust your evenings/nights of popcorn at home.

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Alvaro Mel – ‘Shameless’

It is said that the place where you have been happy you should always try to go back, that’s why we are not surprised that the actor and model, in addition to influencer, Alvaro Mel to have been entrusted with their spare time these days to a series that already knows well and knows that it is a safe bet. “I’m watching the seasons again from the version US of ‘Shameless’, a story about a family of five children without a mother and a father conflicting,” says Mel. A series in which everything counts, “with a tone of comedy and super satirical” and is available in Amazon Prime Video.


Alex Chiner – ‘Dark’

Alex Chiner is taking advantage to cross series to your to-do list and explore beyond the production of Spanish, English or american. This has been discovered ‘Dark’the series that came to Netflix in 2017, counting the disappearance of two children showing the links between four families and exposes the past of a small town. “It is a series in which you can not be distracted even for a moment because each chapter has a lot of information,” explains Chiner. We note that it is the first time you’ve seen a series of German production, and although had few expectations, their assessment is clear: “the surpassed”.


Jaime Astrain – ‘Peaky Blinders’

The famed ‘Peaky Blinders’ of Netflix tops the particular relationship of a series of Jaime Astrain. “I like how mixing a number of time with a montage and modern music,” explains the model, who adds that for him the interpretations of the actors in a series is a determining factor for inclusion, or not, in your list of favorite. “This historical drama, set in the Britain of the post-war performances of the actors are tremendous”, which explains that it is the recommendation of Astrain.


Beltran Lozano – ‘A game of knights’

For Beltran Lozano a series that, in addition to entertaining, also is charged of reality, since it deserves a chance. Is what happened with one of the latest bets Netflix the fiction of time: ‘A game of knights’, a series that the platform premiered a few weeks ago. “An entertaining series of time, true story about a star football and about the beginnings of this sport in English,” explains Beltran on his recommended set. Yes, also recommend watching it in original version with subtitles for “thus be able to also refine the English.” A 2×1.


Roberto Ruiz – ‘True Detective’

To Roberto Ruiz it emanates from your soul that creative and that’s why one of the aspects that stands out ‘True Detective’the series created by Nic Pazzauelo that the model recommends, is that “always stirred the emotions with its nostalgic landscapes”; and a few landscapes that give context and background to this story that takes place in the Luisina, 2012 where two detectives are being questioned by a research that carried out on the atrocious murder of a young woman who was subjected to a pagan ritual in 1995. You can see in HBO.


Mikel Boisset – ‘Freud’

In full confinement, Netflix added to its catalog a series based on the life of the famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. Although not tells a real story, ‘Freud’ it has become the series that everyone talks about and it is the recommendation that makes Mikel Boisset. Passionate about travel, the influencer says that she chose to watch this series because “I really like science.” Be entertained and learn, good plan right?


Alex Boisset – ‘Entourage: The entourage’

“The series that I recommend precisely I recommended a friend,” he says Alex Boisset. It is ‘Entourage: The entourage’, a 2004 production that you can see in HBO and you will live the adventures of three guys from Queens dedicated to helping their colleague Vincent Chase, the movie star, for you to survive the insanity of Hollywood. “My friend recommended it because she says that my life will remember to the one shown in the series”, counts among laughter the influencer.


Javier Ausin – ‘Dirty Money’ and ‘Live without permission’

See series is still one of the favorite hobbies of Javier Ausin to spend a better day at home. He tells us that it has taken to finish watching ‘Live without permission’the series of Telecinco with Álex González as the protagonist, and that you can see now in Netflix. “Hooked Me from the beginning and I liked a lot, with a final shocking,” he says. “Now I am seeing ‘Dirty Money’ of Netflix, a documentary series about the greatest economic fraud”. The pace seriéfilo not stop at house of Ausin.



Eduardo Rosa – ‘the House of The Flowers’

The actor Eduardo Rosa it is clear that the best medicine against these days rare it is to escape. “It seems to Me that the best weapon is to stimulate the brain compatibilizándolo with something fun,” he says. He sweeps for home and recommended to see ‘House of Flowers’a black comedy of Netflix in which a wealthy family must maintain the image of perfection against wind and tide. In a few days will premiere the third season, or is that if you dare to see it you have chapters for a while.


Joseph Shepherd – ‘The End Of The Fucking World’ and ‘The Witcher’

“If you had to choose one I would say ‘The End Of The Fucking World’of Netflix“recommends Jose Pastor. This series features the macabre relationship that is forged between a psychopath teenager and a girl rebel with a thirst for adventure, they embark on a bumpy road trip. “It’s a black comedy with an aesthetic wonderful,” says the actor, who also tells us that he has seen ‘The Witcher’the series of Netflix in which we see Henry Cavill as a hunter of monsters mutant. “I flipó”.



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