The Killers enlist concert online


The complicated time mankind is facing has forced many industries to reinvent themselves to get close to people that you should stay home in these times. To raise the spirits, artists of all sorts have found new ways to connect with their audience through the internet. From virtual tours of museums, painting classes online and more…

The music industry has set the layer to continue delighting his followers with concerts virtual. Now one of the rock bands most well-known of the world, The Killers, will join the wave of artists giving presentations of this kind through Instagram Live.

The musical group, originally from the united States, announced the event via his Twitter account. It will be held just a few hours before the historic concert organized by Lady Gaga, so you can enjoy a day of music on Saturday, April 18. In addition, members of The Killers were invited to his legion of fans to connect with them by asking them questions within the same event.

The musical presentation comes just weeks before the release of his new album, titled ‘Imploding ‘ The Mirage’, whose release date is scheduled for may 28. To give a taste of what we can expect in his most recent project, the group shared the music video for the only single of the album known so far, ‘Caution’.

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The tour to present the album still stands up now, although it delayed the sale of tickets due to the Covid-19. In an interview with NME last year, the group said that it will be a return to his beginnings as part of the production took place in Utah, where Brandon Flowers the lead singer of the band “fell in love with the music”, and that we can expect many experiments with synthesizer.

Recently, a video went viral in which Flowers showed how to wash hands properly at the rate of ‘Mr. Brightside’, his most famous song.

And you, what song by The Killers you’re washing your hands?

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